Simple Kitchen Makeovers – Painting Kitchen Cabinets Easily

Changing the vibe of your kitchen does not be guaranteed to require significant changes such supplanting old kitchen cabinets, accessories and apparatuses with new ones. By doing easily overlooked details like repainting your old kitchen cabinets, you can partake in a significant change in your kitchen. To paint kitchen cabinets without problems, here are a few stages you want to follow:

  1. Eliminate all bureau entryways

The initial step you really want to do is to eliminate all bureau entryways. It will be a lot harder to plan paint them with the entryways actually joined. Eliminate the handles of handles also. Gather every one of the screws and put them to the side so you will not experience issues when reattaching them later.

  1. Clean the bureau parts

Old cabinets will most presumably have a development of soil, oil, food leftovers and other buildup. Cleaning them completely is vital since the paint will not stick as expected to these things. Wipe all parts with a cloth plunged in a universally handy cleaner and scratch or rub obstinate, dried oil spots with a Scotch rite cushion. Permit them to dry completely thereafter.

  1. Sand the bureau parts

After every one of the parts is dry, utilize 150-coarseness or better coarseness sandpaper and sand the surfaces as a whole, including the bureau entryways and cabinet boxes. Sanding the surface will permit the groundwork stick better, subsequently bringing about a more strong paint work.

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  1. Apply the Groundwork

Groundwork assists the paint with sticking better to the surface. In the event that the variety you might want to repaint the cabinets matches the old tone, this step may be skipped. Serious scratches can be loaded up with clay. In any case, if you need to conceal any imperfections or deformities, it is critical to apply groundwork.

  1. Apply the paint

After the preliminary is dry, begin painting the cabinets utilizing a pneumatic sprayer or a brush. A sprayer will give you a smooth completion, yet in the event that you do not have one at home, and you would rather not lease one, you can decide on 2.5 to 3 paintbrushes. While applying the paint with the brush, begin with an extremely slight coat. Use paint remover on the off chance that the paint appears to be excessively thick. After the main layer dries out, rehash with a subsequent layer, etc. Painting kitchen cabinets layer by layer will bring about a more strong composition work contrasted with an at the same time thick coat.

  1. Add coating or coat

This is a discretionary step. For gleaming looking cabinets, sand the recently painted cabinets with 400-coarseness fine sandpaper and apply the coat or ban phu kien tu bep coating. The sanding is not pointed toward eliminating an excessive amount of paint. All things considered, it is done so the coat or variety coating sticks better to the surface.

  1. Reattach the entryways

After the artwork steps are finished and everything is completely dry, reassemble all the bureau ways to their appropriate spots utilizing the first equipment.

Presently your kitchen makeover is at last finished. Congrats and partake in your new kitchen.