A Season on the Brink – Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers are at a crossroads. They have lost their top two options from a year ago. The Pacers had assembled a youthful, defensive-minded nucleus centered on Paul George, Lance Born Ready Stephenson and Roy Hibbert also had high hopes of reaching the NBA Finals this coming season with the information of the greatest player in the world heading back home to division rival Cleveland. Those hopes a once the world watched as Paul George blow this season shattered his leg at a World Cup exhibition against the target stanchion. They also watched their estranged shield, Stephenson, take his talents to Charlotte for whatever reason and leave behind a president, coach and staff that set up with his on and off-court shenanigans for seasons. For these reasons, this year will be a test of the authentic Indiana Pacers fan following among the worst off-seasons ever while Cavalier fans around the world can be seen doing something along these lines following the of-season they had.

Indiana Pacers

Now the Pacers are left with Solomon Hill, whom the Pacers drafted in last year’s NBA draft and veterans. Not a group. As he might need to determine how to base a crime around players who are not offensively players, frank Vogel’s training will be analyzed. Though nobody can possibly predict that the Pacers will create their offensive go-to man, you must assume that Vogel will rely on veterans George Hill, David West and Roy Hibbert when the time comes to put the basketball in the pit. For Hibbert, we have to see entering his seventh year in the league and believing that he’s 27, we might have seen his best and whether he could lead a team. Hill is a two guard that begins at point guard out of necessity for the Pacers for the Pacers.  Hibbert is coming off the worst stretch of his career during the second half of last year which included a brutal decision from the NBA playoffs where Hibbert tallied 9.3ppg and 5.5rpg in only 28.5 minutes per game.

Silver utilized ESPN’s NBA Real plus minus which uses projections based on their functionality and age during the previous three seasons. This method projects the Indiana Pacers will finish the season. The option that is only is to pull and tank this forthcoming season by trading away Hibbert and West to playoff contenders and running with possibly the worst offensive lineup in NBA history. If this choice does occur that would leave PG13, George Hill, Ian Mahimni and Damjan Rudez on the books to the Pacers after this year.  Whatever the Pacers as the season approaches decide to do, they have a great deal of questions. Larry has one more trick up his sleeve to be certain this franchise comes out on top.